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Music: The Heart Of It All

NEW! Julian is pleased to present "Seize The Day" - a 14-track CD and book of sheet music containing some of his compositions from the past five years.

Check out Seize The Day!
Seize The Day


If you're interested individual sheet music or guitar chords, please e-mail: info at eaglewingmusic.org.

All music © Julian Pattison. All rights reserved.

Seize The Day - Summer 2006
Come What May2005
Seize The Day2004
A People of Hope2003
Lead Us On Your Way2005
The Power Within2005
Drawn By The Light2005
Followers Of You2004
Rise Up!2005
The Great Amen2001
I Can2004
A Prayer For Life2003
Connect The Dots2001
Who Do You Say That I Am?2000
The Gathering2000
This Place We Call Fircom2000
What Would You Do?2000
Daring Witness To Life2000
I Am One Voice1998
Where the Wild Things Are1997
The Road to Christmas1997
A Journey For Life1997
Together From This Place1997
Coming to the Well1997
Shabbat Shalom1996


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